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Body Painting

We have professional award winning artists who create the unimaginable!

Dancing acrobatic performers

We can tailor make routines to suit any theme for your next event, with our speciality performers

Marimba Bands and Drumming

Let our experienced drummers bring the vibrant African heartbeat to your next event. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the powerful rhythms or let us create those beautiful sounds for you, we promise an unforgettable experience.

Mirror Ball Buskers

A Mirror Ball Busker is an entertainer who incorporates a mirrored ball into their act. They often perform on the streets or in public spaces, captivating audiences with the reflections and light effects created by the spinning mirror ball. This simple yet mesmerizing act can draw attention and create a magical atmosphere, making it a popular choice for street performers and buskers.

Mirror Men and Ladies

Our Mirror Artists are dynamic and visually stunning performers who captivate audiences with their reflective costumes and energetic dance moves. These performers wear costumes adorned with mirrors, creating a mesmerizing effect as they move and interact with the crowd.

Mirror Men and Ladies

Dancing and Busking Mirror Men and Ladies - a hit at any event - available in gold and silver

Professional dance performers and choreographers

Professional dancers and choreographers are individuals who have trained extensively in various dance styles and techniques, and they create and perform choreography for a wide range of purposes, including stage performances, music videos, films, television shows, commercials, and live events.

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