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*NEW* 360° Spin Cam "Photobooth"

Capture every moment from every angle with the 360 Spin Cam! This innovative camera spins around capturing all the action in a complete circle, so you won't miss a thing. Perfect for parties and events, your guests will love being able to relive every moment from every perspective.

2 in1 Jumping Castle with Roof

Jumping Castles have always been a great options for kiddies birthday parties and corporate events. The 2 in 1 jumping castle, requires a 4m x 5m FLAT area Client to supply access to 1 x 15amp plug point no more than 10m from the point of operation/set up

Airbrush Tattoos

They are the markers of bravery, and because kids can’t have them they desperately want them. So we can give it to them. Stunning, semi-permanent ink tats, without the pain… and they’ll last, even after the party’s over. (All ages)

Birthday Party & Event Photographers

Looking for someone to capture the magic of your special moments? Look no further than our talented photographer! With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, our photographer has the skills and experience to freeze those fleeting moments in time, preserving them for years to come.

Busker wearing a champagne skirt

The champagne skirt adds an element of sophistication and excitement to any event, providing both a functional service and an interactive entertainment experience for attendees. It's a captivating way to welcome guests and create memorable moments at weddings, corporate functions, galas, or other special occasions.

Carnival Stalls

Yes, we have thought of everything! •Fish Pond • Basket Ball • Hoop Toss • Dart a Balloon • Frog Catapult • Test your Nerve • Feed the Clown These can be customized for Corporate Events (3yrs+). NO prizes included

Circus School

Bring in the clowns… the circus is coming to town. Kids no longer have to dream of running away with the circus, because we can make that dream come true. With juggling balls, diablos, flower sticks, Chinese plates, , rola-rola and juggling rings, they’ll have fun learning the tricks of the trade in a traditional circus environment, right in your backyard. (6–12yrs)

Crocodile Jumping Castle

Requires a 8m x 3m Flat area. Client to supply access to 1 x 15amp plug point.

Easter Bunny Mascots & Animators

Easter Bunny Mascot Suits and Animators

Face Painting

Just for a day, imagine your child’s face as an empty canvas, about to be transformed into a work of art as our professional make-up artists get styling. With an array of themes for each kid to choose from, our range of imported face paints is nontoxic and easy to wash off. PS You’re guaranteed some classic KODAK moments. All Ages

Foosball Table

Experience fast-paced fun and friendly competition with our foosball table. Perfect for both casual and competitive players, it's easy to set up and provides endless entertainment for all ages. Gather your friends or family and unleash your skills on the field for an exhilarating gaming experience

Pinball Machines

Step into a world of retro gaming excitement with our captivating pinball machines. Hear the satisfying clicks, clangs, and buzzes as you launch the steel ball into a mesmerizing playfield filled with ramps, bumpers, and targets. Our pinball machines offer endless thrills and challenges for players of all skill levels. Indulge in the timeless fun of pinball and embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure today!

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