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Belly Dancing Workshop

Get ready to shimmy and shake with our Belly Dancing Workshop! This edgy and exotic party package is perfect for young movers and shakers who want to learn the art of belly dancing. Our expert entertainer will provide all the props, including hip scarves and bindi's, and even do a little bit of makeup to get the kids in the mood. They'll teach the children various moves and techniques, culminating in a performance where they'll show off their new skills. With a maximum of 25 kids, this workshop is sure to be a hit and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Chandelier Violinist

Gorgeous Chandelier Violinist will add the sparkle to your auspicious event


For all types of events we have both male and female dwarves available - various themes and costumes available too

Fire and Poi Dancers

Fire performers are skilled entertainers who incorporate various fire-related elements into their acts, such as fire breathing, fire dancing, fire eating, fire spinning, and fire juggling. These performers use specially designed props and safety equipment to manipulate and control the flames, creating visually stunning displays that captivate audiences. Fire performances can range from solo acts to choreographed routines involving multiple performers, often accompanied by music to enhance the dramatic effect. The performers' movements are carefully synchronized with the flickering flames, creating a mesmerizing and thrilling experience for spectators.

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