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20m Gladiator Track

Introducing our 20m inflatable obstacle track! This 4-piece course offers physical challenges and interactive fun for all ages. Perfect for events, parties, and team-building activities. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

African Beadwork

African beadwork is one of those activities that will challenge you and your team because the simplest things in life is normally the hardest to master. It takes skill, knowledge and a quick hand to create some of the most amazing pieces of artwork known to tourists and South Africans alike – African Beadwork. Get inspired by the artists and their creations and see your creative juices come alive as you create your own small masterpiece of African Beadwork. Create a larger piece that reflects your department or company's vision or goal. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

Afriwood - The Ad Break

Do you want to direct, act or be a camera man? Well this is a great opportunity for the whole group to interact and be part of an ad production. Groups act, direct, choose their wardrobe and film their ad. This is then shown as an uncut version to the participants to judge and award those for best director, actor and film. Great fun for a group with spunk and vibe! All the film pieces are digitally sent to you after the event. Time Span of Activity: 2-3 hours


A short history lesson in archery and type of bows and arrows that are used combined with different competitions during the activity, makes for enormous fun. Time Span of Activity: 45 min to 90 min

BINGO anyone!!

Great entertainment for family, friends and co-workers! All done via zoom, electronically - Everyone has an amazing time


Using boomwhackers as a team building activity is an amazing way to energise a group or team with a short fun filled session in the boardroom. Welcome to the wonderful world of boomwhackers! Boomwhackers are long colourful tubes that produce various tones when you beat them together or on your hand. If you have more time available, then we can make use of boomwhackers in or as part of a team building session or day. Boomwhacking can almost be seen an equivalent to drumming except that is more mobile, easier to control, more movement and more cost effective to you as the client. Time Span: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Bottle Rockets

One small step for man but one giant leap for mankind.’ this was Neil Armstrong famous quite when landing on the moon. Well we’re not going to get you to the moon but with Bottle Rocket you will be able to go head to head and see which team builds the best rocket that will go the highest. You will also build different types of bottle rockets that use different types of fuel for propulsion. Let’s see who will get just that little bit closer to the moon! Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

Coffee Blending

Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning, or anytime of the day for that matter. Come and experience the wonderful world of coffee and coffee blending. You will be in the position of mixing a coffee blend to your taste with having ten different coffees to choose from. Start blending with small quantities of coffee to ensure that you get the perfect blend. Once blended you will be able to bag, tag and take home your special personalised coffee blend. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

Designer Bricks

With LEGO type block you will be set the challenge to create the structure from the plan that was given to you. But there will be a couple of twists with missing pieces in the design you receive and overcoming sudden disasters such as strikes, earthquake or hurricanes. These are all determined by the dice you roll. Great fun and a lot of energy! Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

Draadkar Races

All the necessary equipment and materials are supplied so that you and your team can construct your own “draadkar”. You are also responsible for the decorations on the vehicles. All the team’s vehicles must be able to race. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours


In Africa, since the dawn of time, the rhythmic beat of drums has been used for communication, ceremonies, war and entertainment. It has captivated those that have experienced it as guests and placed fear in the hearts of those that where their enemies. Africa has changed a lot in the last century, but the role of the drum is still as important as the first time it has been used. Join us on a discovery of rhythm! Let our facilitators be your guide in teaching you from the basic to the more complex rhythms to create group synergy. Time Span: 1 hour

GPS Orientation

Let us teach you how to use a GPS (Global positioning system). Either orientate between activities or to clues that will give you your next position. This activity is a lot of fun for the unfit to those that really are willing to go to the extreme.

Guess the Blend

Ever wondered what quantities and types of wine goes into a great blend? Well now is your chance to figure it out with the rest of your team or group. Take wine tasting to the next level and not only be the judge of a great wine but match the blend to the T. All the teams will taste the wine blend in question and have some extra as reference as they continue to start making the blend that will try to match the original blend presented to them. The team get several chances to match the blend and the team with the exact match or closest will be the winning team. This is an amazing event for your team before a dinner or lunch. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

In It to Win It

Ever wondered how it will feel to compete in a game show? Wonder no more In It to Win It is here. Based on the popular series Minute to Win It. We have taken some of the activities from the popular show and created several of our own! It is a blast and great fun for a team building event – day or night! Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

Just Paint

Ever wondered how Picasso or Michael Angelo felt when they finished their works of art? Well now is your chance to be an artist by your own and being part of a bigger picture. Put your creative ideas or the companies’ vision for the future on canvas. - Canvases are made to your size - All the paint and equipment are supplied Within a week we return your art pieces to you and these can be displayed on a wall as a single piece of group artwork. Great team building activity! Time Span of Activity: 2-3 hours

Mall Run

For everyday no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Come and experience an amazing race in a shopping mall. Teams start with a lunch or drinks before they start to race against each other from one event or shop to the other. First team to complete all their tasks and arriving first at the end will be victorious. Teams close of the event with late lunch or drinks with a prize giving. Time Span of Activity: 3-4 hours with drinks and meal included

Mind Games

Having a choice of over twenty different activities, this could keep you busy for a day. The activities promote communication and teamwork. Time Span of Activity: 1-6 hours depending on number of mind games - Hip Swing Determination and team support will get you to score a goal - Clip Run Sleight of hand and touch will get you through the maze - only your blindfold could stop you - Plank Walk Left and right won’t help you here to get to your destination - Landi Push Planning and communication will make sure this vehicle won’t touch the ground and get to the other side - Bridge Crossing With only two poles and some rope will you be able to cross this gap - Multi Soccer Two teams battle it out on a small scale but be prepared for some interesting changes - Islands Using your islands and the bridges supplied you have to get your team over the toxic river - Reconstruct What you see is what you need to build, but that must be done by memory - Rope Twist With the help of a rope and teamwork you will get the ball out of the square - Super Pipe With fingers plugging the holes and balancing a team member you will be able to fill the pipe - May Pole All blindfolded, pulling together and the instructions of one you will reach your goal - Pipe Dreams Lining up your pipes, balance and turning them to ensure your ball doesn’t fall out you will have success - Puzzle Juggle The puzzle is laid out before you in a block – get all the pieces while you are blindfolded - Blind Man Drive Blindfolded driver with a navigator to ensure that the group arrive save through the maze - Rope Burn Fire is the way you will get to burn through the ropes – but how to make fire? - Orientation Square With grid papers you will be able to create the words that will give you the sentence of freedom - We Construct With only a couple of pieces of wood and a huge amount of rope is it possible to build a chair that will hold your team? - Golf Shot How close will your group get to the hole – your pro golfer is the key - Stilt Walker If you ever thought it was easy – now is the time to prove yourself and ensure that your team arrive safely - Pipe Cube Balance and communication are the only way to ensure that you get the ball out of the cube - Bamboo Chess The correct number of moves will make sure that you win this game - Conti Shuffle Five wheels and three point of reference is all that you have – now move them one by one - Retrieval With only the equipment that is supplied, teams need to retrieve their prize - Air Rifle Things are not as simple as it seems nor are, they straight – just hit the bull

Mobile Massage

This is the ultimate in pleasure - being pampered with a shoulder and/or foot massage. We bring all the equipment and oils needed - you just need to relax! Time Span of Activity: 30-45min per person

Raft Building

Staying dry is up to how well you have constructed your raft and how well you can plan ahead and taking potential conditions into consideration. How well can your team plan and work together to stay afloat during your team build? Time Span of Activity: 1 hour

Spud Scud

Teams need to take a potato and shove it down like a good old front loader gun then pump it up so that the chamber reach the acquired pressure of 5 bar. Take aim and shoot that air canon so that you can hit the placed target. You would want one after this activity! Time span: 1 - 2 hours

Surviva Challenge

The name says it all! Teams are put against each other in activities that put your mental powers more to the test than physical. It is all action and more action as teams go head to head in challenges! After all the action we have a prize giving ceremony that rewards the winning team and individuals for elements that they have contributed during the day. Time Span of Activity: 3-6 hours

The Awesome Race

This activity is a great way to get to your destination and cutting out a boring trip. It can also be presented as a full day activity to enable your team to get to know each other better or the region. Teams are given clues and directions and can only continue once they have solved the riddle or completed the task before they can receive their next clue to continue their journey. Time Span of Activity: 1-3 hours depending on route and number of activities and clues

The Recession Fashion Show

Experience designer wear with a difference and see how creative your team can be to be awarded the lucrative trophy of Recession Designers of the year. Teams must create designer wear with the equipment and materials (newspapers and plastic bags) that we give to them. After all the cutting and pasting they must wear it in a Recession Fashion Show so that we – the judges – can decide who will be the winners. Time Span of Activity: 2 hours

The Rubbish Conductor

There is so much more to rubbish than just throwing it into your rubbish bin. Each item has value, character and something to offer - like the sound it makes when you tap it against something. That is where The Rubbish Conductor comes into play. Create and orchestra with the sounds of rubbish. Get your team in the spirit of creating something unbelievable and beautiful as The Rubbish Conductor helps you and your team in playing your rubbish into the next orchestral hit. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

Wine Blending

Wine is the product of the fruit of the gods. Now we are taking it a step further in blending the wine. We will give you some background about wine and what to consider when you start blending your wine. Then the fun starts and each team are given samples of the different cultivars that they can use to blend with. After you have blended these wines you will start bottling them and designing the labels by hand that will be digitised and printed on the label for the team’s bottles. This is an amazing event for your team to take more than just team building home. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

You are the Star

The Team building Game Show everyone enjoys! It all happens on a big screen, its visual, interactive with great sound. It's a one to one-and-a-half-hour game show where everyone gets involved, you will be running around, singing along and hopefully not shouting out the answers. Test you team’s knowledge of TV, film and music as the video clips, sound pieces or images are projected to you. Time Span of Activity: 1-2 hours

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