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*NEW* 360° Spin Cam "Photobooth"

Capture every moment from every angle with the 360 Spin Cam! This innovative camera spins around capturing all the action in a complete circle, so you won't miss a thing. Perfect for parties and events, your guests will love being able to relive every moment from every perspective.

Airhockey Table

An air hockey table has a smooth surface that floats the puck on a cushion of air. Players use mallets to hit the puck into goals at each end. It's fast-paced and typically electrified for the air system. Requires power

Bumper Cars with Track

Test your driving skills in a safe environment with our bumper cars! Enjoy the fun of bumping your fellow drivers without any insurance claims. Perfect for children, our bumper cars offer a non-whiplash ride on a smooth 10 x 10 surface (Not suitable on grass). Ideal for birthday parties, shopping malls and corporate events.

Bungee Trampoline (1 x unit)

BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE, BUNGY, BUNGY 4 STATION TRAMPOLINE, PLANET BUNGEE (BUNGY) BIRTHDAY BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE - single station. If your little one is into extreme sports, we can arrange your choice of single or double trampoline with all necessary equipment. So long as you have a 6m x 6m flat area and a plug point for X-TREME Fun, we’ll bring all the adrenaline and excitement you can dream of. Please note there is a 50kg weight restriction on the single unit. A reliable power source, no more than 10m from point of operation is required. Please ensure a car or bakkie can drive right up to the point of operation. Minimum gate width 1,5m. (5yrs+) BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE, BUNGY, BUNGY 4 STATION TRAMPOLINE, PLANET BUNGEE (BUNGY) BIRTHDAY BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE

Carnival Stalls

Yes, we have thought of everything! •Fish Pond • Basket Ball • Hoop Toss • Dart a Balloon • Frog Catapult • Test your Nerve • Feed the Clown These can be customized for Corporate Events (3yrs+). NO prizes included

Climbing Walls

4 sided climbing wall - safety harness and pulley system is used

Dance Revolution Arcade Game

Step up the fun at your event with our Dance Revolution arcade game! Experience the thrill of dancing to the beat of your favorite songs while competing with friends or family. With its vibrant lights and catchy music, our arcade game guarantees hours of entertainment for everyone.

Dunk Tank

Great fun and entertainment for school fun days, fundraisers and corporate events. Space required: 5 x 5m flat area A reliable power source, no more than 10m from point of operation is required, as well as a water point. Please ensure a car or bakkie can drive right up to the point of operation. Minimum gate width 1,5m to set up point or point of operation.

Foosball Table

Experience fast-paced fun and friendly competition with our foosball table. Perfect for both casual and competitive players, it's easy to set up and provides endless entertainment for all ages. Gather your friends or family and unleash your skills on the field for an exhilarating gaming experience

Ice Rink

Bring the Joy of Ice Skating Anywhere in South Africa! Our mobile synthetic ice rink makes ice skating possible, even in our warm climate! Perfect for: Birthday Parties: Create unforgettable memories. Fundraisers: Draw crowds and support great causes. Church Events: Fun for the whole community. School Events: A unique and exciting activity for students. Experience the thrill of ice skating at a fraction of the cost. Book our mobile rink today!

Juke Box

We have all the songs you need on our juke boxes

Mobile Putt Putt

A fabulous 10m x 10m course for all those budding golfers. Fun and laughter are par for the course. (3yrs+)

Overhead 360 Degree Photobooth

Capture Every Angle with Our Overhead 360° Camera! Experience the ultimate in event photography with our overhead 360° camera! Perfect for capturing dynamic, high-definition, slow-motion videos from every angle. Share and enjoy these stunning visuals for years to come. Customizable Media Overlay: Each rental package includes a custom-designed media overlay. Choose your colors, text, graphics, logos, hashtags, and more. Our in-house design team is ready to assist, or we can provide design files for your own creation. Personalized Props: We offer a massive assortment of prop signs curated for each event. Want something unique? We can design and print custom props, from hashtags and big heads to your pets, for an additional fee. Add Your Music: Enhance your videos with your favorite songs for a truly memorable experience. Transform your event with our overhead 360° camera and create unforgettable moments that everyone will love! Book now and capture the magic from every angle.

Pinball Machines

Step into a world of retro gaming excitement with our captivating pinball machines. Hear the satisfying clicks, clangs, and buzzes as you launch the steel ball into a mesmerizing playfield filled with ramps, bumpers, and targets. Our pinball machines offer endless thrills and challenges for players of all skill levels. Indulge in the timeless fun of pinball and embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure today!

Pool Table

Elevate your party with our sleek and stylish pool table rental! Perfect for any occasion, our durable tables promise hours of entertainment and friendly competition. Contact us today to reserve yours and make your event unforgettable!

Racing Car Simulator

Feel the adrenaline rush with our racing car simulator! Perfect for any event, it offers realistic controls and immersive visuals for an unforgettable experience. Must be placed under cover!

Soft Play

Colourful mats, shapes, tunnels, roller coaster and see-saw that makes excellent soft play entertainment for our tiny tots, so they can have extreme fun at their parties. Great entertainment for Corporate Family days! (Ages: 0 - 4)

Wrecking Ball

The ultimate thrill-packed attraction for your next event! Standing tall and vibrant, this durable vinyl masterpiece recreates the excitement of demolition with a playful twist. Creating unforgettable moments of laughter and excitement. Perfect for carnivals, festivals, or backyard gatherings, our Wrecking Ball Inflatable guarantees hours of safe, adrenaline-pumping fun for all ages. Get ready to demolish boredom and elevate your event to new heights!"

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