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*NEW* 360° Spin Cam "Photobooth"

Capture every moment from every angle with the 360 Spin Cam! This innovative camera spins around capturing all the action in a complete circle, so you won't miss a thing. Perfect for parties and events, your guests will love being able to relive every moment from every perspective.

Airbrush Tattoos

They are the markers of bravery, and because kids can’t have them they desperately want them. So we can give it to them. Stunning, semi-permanent ink tats, without the pain… and they’ll last, even after the party’s over. (All ages)

Bear Grylls Party

Get ready to brave the great outdoors with our Bear Grylls Camping Party! This party is not for the faint-hearted as kids will be split into teams and put through their paces in a series of exhilarating challenges. With scavenger hunts, tent-building, air rifle target shooting, and obstacle courses, they'll have to rely on their team spirit and survival skills to come out on top. And what camping trip would be complete without a cozy campfire and s'mores? Let your little adventurers experience the thrill of the wild with this edgy party package!

Big Yellow Kiddies Party Bus

It’s time to embark on the ride of your life. From the second we start our engine the journey of fun begins. Sing-alongs, puppet shows, face painting, games, a black board, a basketball hoop and a jumping castle… the excitement is never-ending. And to give your taste buds a joyride, there’s popcorn, candy floss, ice cream and Slush Puppy. Whoever knew so much fun could be had at your venue? What are you waiting for? That’s a full two hours of excitement. (3–7yrs)

BINGO anyone!!

Great entertainment for family, friends and co-workers! All done via zoom, electronically - Everyone has an amazing time

Birthday Party & Event Photographers

Looking for someone to capture the magic of your special moments? Look no further than our talented photographer! With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, our photographer has the skills and experience to freeze those fleeting moments in time, preserving them for years to come.

Circus School

Bring in the clowns… the circus is coming to town. Kids no longer have to dream of running away with the circus, because we can make that dream come true. With juggling balls, diablos, flower sticks, Chinese plates, , rola-rola and juggling rings, they’ll have fun learning the tricks of the trade in a traditional circus environment, right in your backyard. (6–12yrs)

Cupcake and Biscuit Decorating Party

Delicious cupcakes and biscuits combined with good old fun party games, this party is sure to be a treat!! 5years +

Cupcake Tea Party

If your idea of heaven is a delicious cupcake and someone to share it with, this party was baked up just for you. Let the little ones enjoy an old style tea party, and spend hours icing, decorating and savouring their dream cupcake. We’ve also got a bunch of fun games to keep them entertained. (4-8yrs)

Easter Bunny Mascots & Animators

Easter Bunny Mascot Suits and Animators

Face Painting

Just for a day, imagine your child’s face as an empty canvas, about to be transformed into a work of art as our professional make-up artists get styling. With an array of themes for each kid to choose from, our range of imported face paints is nontoxic and easy to wash off. PS You’re guaranteed some classic KODAK moments. All Ages

Fairy Party

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’ll have the fairest party of them all?” “You will my dear because yours will be all that little girls’ dreams are made of”. As enchanting fairy stories, games and face painting transport your little princesses to never-never land, we promise to keep them happy ever after with self-decorated fairy wand keepsakes. PS Little elves are also promised a good time. (4–7yrs)

Fear Challenge

Thomas Carlyle once said, “The first duty of a man is to conquer fear”. So we’ve designed the perfect way to assist: walking blindfolded through minefields, fishing for spiders and eating icky foods. Do you have what it takes to rise above your fears? Note to parents: All activities are completely safe and filled with adventurous fun. (7yrs+)

Funky Fashion Show

Move over Tyra Banks, here comes the country’s future contestants for “SA’s Next Top Model”. From the playground to the catwalk, having enjoyed a fab touch up and funky dress-up, these little fashionistas will not only learn a whole bunch of stylish moves but will get to strut their stuff on the runway too. (7–11yrs)

Garden Games

Let the games begin. And they’re bigger and better than ever before: Giant Snakes and Ladders; Giant Jenga; Giant Dominoes; Giant Ludo; Giant Pickup Sticks; Garden Darts; Quoits. (All ages)

Hawaiian Party

Think of white silky beaches, sunny skies, grass skirts and coconuts. Step into paradise and create your own lei of vibrant colours and exotic flowers. Welcome to the Hawaiian Islands. We hope you enjoy your stay of games, hula dancing and virgin cocktails. (6–10yrs)

Hip Hop Dance Party

Yo Yo My Peeps there’s a party in the street. Let’s freestyle to that hip hop beat. In a battle of the grooves you gotta show your best moves. Break in’, lockin, let me see you poppin’. If you wanna pump it up, give our lumo gear a thumbs up. (7yrs+)

Junior Chef Pizza Making Party

Let your little chef live their dream for a day by getting to create their own pizza. Aprons and disposable chef hats are provided.

Kids Disco

Smilemakers has created the special formula to make sure the kids have a fun filled party and take's away all the awkwardness. Our cool DJs, funky sound and awesome lighting effects will have them grooving to two hours of music, games, song and dance. And now, you can add a whole new dimension to your party by going LUMO disco – with luminous decor and UV lighting. (7–12yrs)

Kids Karaoke

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Kiddies Idols. All week they’ve been rehearsing, training their voices and fine-tuning their talents. And now the time has come for them to show us what their vocal chords are made of. Let your little Idols sing their hearts out to hundreds of popular songs. (8–12yrs)

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a mobile option which is ideal for birthday parties, team buildings, fundraisers and corporate functions. We host laser tag games at private homes, offices, function venues, community parks, school grounds, church halls, etc. You can play indoors, outdoors, during the day or at nighttime. Our state-of-the-art laser tag equipment means you don’t wear any heavy vests, headsets or connect cables – you just pick up your gun, run and play. We can accommodate up to 20 players per round of playing. Groups larger than 20 will play in rotating teams (6yrs+)

Magical Party Games

Step into the enchanting world of wizardry with our magical party! With an old hat sorting ceremony, we'll transport you straight into the heart of Hogwarts as you're sorted into your house, just like the wizards of legend. But the fun doesn't stop there! Get ready to mount your broomsticks and take to the "skies" in exhilarating Quidditch Games, where you'll chase the golden snitch and score points for your house. Race against your friends in thrilling broom races that'll have you weaving through obstacles and soaring to victory. And don't forget about our legendary treasure hunt, where you'll search high and low for the elusive Golden Snitch, hidden somewhere within your enchanted grounds.

Minute To Do It

The countdown has begun. Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge in just 60 seconds? Test your skills using objects commonly found around the house. Bring the hit game show home with a Smilemakers’ twist. Contestants, with no extra life and with no additional seconds! Your time starts NOW! (8-11yrs)

Old Fashioned Party Games

Back in the good ol’ days before ipods, PlayStations and the Wii, we played good ol’ fashioned party games and had good ol’ jolly time. Get ready for one hour of classic hearty laughter. (4–8yrs)

Pirate Party

Aye Aye Captain. We’re off to sail the rough and stormy seas. Are you brave enough to walk the plank? Have you the courage to find the treasure? Come venture with us and enjoy the fun. (6–8yrs)

Princess Elsa Activity Party

Princess Elsa will make your little princess feel ontop of this world. She will sing to her and her friends as well as play some well prepared and thought out party games. a little gift will be sent off to the birthday girls from Princess Elsa!

Princess Party

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a fairy godmother made you princess for a day. In honour of your birthday, the royal family have arranged a special ball where you may get to dance with your Prince Charming and live happily ever after. While most of it is make-believe, you will get to meet a “real” princess and take home a memory of it too. (4–7yrs)

Quiz night

Huge variety of topics and fun! Musical quizzes, to General Knowledge - or challenge or Quiz master to beat the team!

Sketch Artist

Ever wondered if you and your group of friends would make cool cartoon or comic characters? There’s one way to find out. Get a caricature of each one and let them take it home to marvel over. (All Ages)

Soccer Party

The whistle blows and it’s kick-off. Let your little Messi’s, Rooney’s and Ronaldo’s improve their footwork and ball skills with our experienced facilitators. Or they can enjoy an exciting, energetic match of the beautiful game. (5–12yrs)

Soft Play

Colourful mats, shapes, tunnels, roller coaster and see-saw that makes excellent soft play entertainment for our tiny tots, so they can have extreme fun at their parties. Great entertainment for Corporate Family days! (Ages: 0 - 4)

Spa and Pamper Party

Poor little dears… today’s kids are so terribly rushed off their feet, we may need to give them some time to chillax and unwind… a little me-time to catch up with their friends over a mani, pedi or facial. And just so that they truly feel like a little darling, we’ll even give them a gift to pamper themselves with at home. Various Packages Available. (Perfect for 6yrs+)

Survivor Party

Forfeits, races and competitions with a survivor theme. Competitive team fun. Which team will outwit, outplay and outlast the other? Challenges include: The Tribal Challenge, Finger Fountain, Tug of War and Sponge Wars! Let the games begin! 7 - 10yrs

Tag Rugby

Crouch. Bind. Set. Tag Rugby is a dynamic, fast–paced, minimal contact game that is played by all ages with any skill level. The game is similar to rugby but without the tackling, scrumming, rucking, and mauling. TRY it! (7yrs+)

Teen Disco

Put on your dancin’ shoes, ‘cause our DJ’s are about to rock your world. All the tracks. All the songs. All the music you want to hear. Get a funky birthday glow by adding lumo décor and UV lighting to your night. (13yrs+)

Teen Karaoke

With the greatest sound and the best selection of music, you’re guaranteed the greatest fun ever. Regardless of whether you choose karaoke or karaoke/disco combination, you’ll be singing, “We can’t stop. We won’t stop”. (13yrs+)

Tik Tok Dance Video Party

🎉 Join us for the ultimate TikTok Dance Party! Get ready to groove to the hottest beats, show off your moves, and create epic content with fellow TikTok enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the fun – book your party now! #TikTokDanceParty 💃🕺

Traditional Photobooth

Snap away! With outrageous props to liven up every picture, our photographer can help create and capture the very best moments. The pics are printed there and then in a unique photo frame, designed according to the party’s theme, and each guest can take home a photo keepsake. (All ages)

Traffic Land

Beep. Beep. We all know that today’s kids learn to log on and surf before they know how to read and walk… so why not teach them the rules of the road and give them an early start in life? Allow them to qualify for their very own kiddies drivers’ license from a “real” traffic officer. We will however need an 8 x 8m flat or paved area. (4–8 yrs)

Video Gaming

Join the next generation of parties. It’s a battle-zone in cyberspace as you step into the digital world in our trailer. 16 kids. 4 consoles. 1 winner. From the racing track to the tennis courts and musical sing-alongs. We have it all on Wii and PlayStation. (5yrs+)

Zapit Adventure Games

Attention! Soldiers, your mission is to prepare for 90 minutes of absolute awesomeness. Based on the adult “Splat” survival game this is an army themed BLAST of outdoor fun and excitement. This is a must for girls and boys. (7–12yrs)

ZUMBA® Dance Party

You won’t regret fusing the latest dance sensation that’s taking the world by storm - Zumba® - into your dance party. Learn the hottest new Latin and International moves exploding on dance floors across the globe. (7yrs+)

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