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Belly Dancing Workshop

Close your eyes and imagine a time in history when the bounce and sway of a woman’s hips was considered so beautiful, they set music to it and transformed it into a dance. (7yrs+)

COVID19 - Book Princess Elsa via Zoom

VIA ZOOM, Princess Elsa will make your little princess feel ontop of this world. She will sing to her and her friends as well as play some well prepared and thought out party games. a little gift will be sent off to the birthday girls from Princess Elsa!

Cupcake and Biscuit Decorating Party

Delicious cupcakes and biscuits combined with good old fun party games, this party is sure to be a treat!! 5years +

Sketch Artist

Ever wondered if you and your group of friends would make cool cartoon or comic characters? There’s one way to find out. Get a caricature of each one and let them take it home to marvel over. (All Ages)

ZUMBA® Dance Party

You won’t regret fusing the latest dance sensation that’s taking the world by storm - Zumba® - into your dance party. Learn the hottest new Latin and International moves exploding on dance floors across the globe. (7yrs+)

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