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Airbrush Tattoos

They are the markers of bravery, and because kids can’t have them they desperately want them. So we can give it to them. Stunning, semi-permanent ink tats, without the pain… and they’ll last, even after the party’s over. (All ages)

Carnival Stalls

Yes, we have thought of everything! •Fish Pond • Basket Ball • Hoop Toss • Dart a Balloon • Trick or Treat • Frog Catapult • Test your Nerve • Pie Toss • Roll a Ball • Win ‘n Spin These can be customized for Corporate Events (3yrs+). NO prizes included

Circus School

Bring in the clowns… the circus is coming to town. Kids no longer have to dream of running away with the circus, because we can make that dream come true. With juggling balls, diablos, flower sticks, Chinese plates, , rola-rola and juggling rings, they’ll have fun learning the tricks of the trade in a traditional circus environment, right in your backyard. (6–12yrs)

Face Painting

Just for a day, imagine your child’s face as an empty canvas, about to be transformed into a work of art as our professional make-up artists get styling. With an array of themes for each kid to choose from, our range of imported face paints is nontoxic and easy to wash off. PS You’re guaranteed some classic KODAK moments. All Ages

Kiddies Photographer

Memories fade. Or they can be captured forever. Leave it to our fun, friendly photographer to freeze those special moments for you and keep the party alive long after it’s ended.

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