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Chaz H

Looking a close up magician to wow your guests as a cocktail event, brunch or lunch. Chaz is a superb close up magician that hands are quicker than the eye

Gareth and Bobby

He’s Gauteng’s premier children’s ventriloquist. He performs in both English and Afrikaans and so does his talking friend, Bobby Baboon, who has become the next best thing at kids’ parties since jelly tots and trick candles. When Gareth and Bobby baboon get together, you’re guaranteed a whole lot of magic, in more ways than one. (4–10yrs)

Gee Wiz

Ever seen the magical appearance of a real-life dove and rabbit? Now you know why this show is called GEE WIZ! Regardless of whether it is performed in English or Afrikaans, Gee Wiz’s colourful acts and spot on comedy will have your kids shouting out for more. (Bilingual, 4–10yrs)

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